Visa & Immigration Application

As an authorized immigration and citizenship representative, we can legally prepare, complete your application and submit it to the Immigration Canada on your behalf.

Full Assistance of Your Application

We handle immigration matters both ethically and professionally and will explain everything regarding your application process if you hire us for a full assistance of your application. Our service begins from the preparation of visa or immigration file until a decision is made by the Immigration Canada. We can also prepare legal argument to support the submission and answer to your wide-ranging queries during the process.

Immigration Application Document Review Service

If you have prepared your application, but would you like to make sure that everything complies with the program requirements of the Canadian government, you can apply for our professional review service. We can assist you in the process with the file review service.

You may prefer to apply for permanent residence, work/study permit, PNP or visitor visa, without the assistance of an expert. However, it is very often that applications are refused because of incomplete or erroneous documentation. In some cases, an IRCC officer will not be satisfied that you would fulfil the conditions of the program. Therefore, a professional review of your application is still beneficial to ensure that your application will not be refused or cancelled as incomplete because of missing/wrong information or an incorrect document being submitted.

Our service fees vary depending on your case. Therefore, please feel free to contact us if you want to do the entire application process on your own but need file review service.